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Working Partnerships

Minneapolis AFL-CIO Community Services is a partnership between the Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation and the Greater Twin Cities United Way, covering the city of Minneapolis, and the following counties: Hennepin, Anoka, Carver, McLeod, Meeker, Scott, and Wright.

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Working Partnerships

Working Partnerships provides assistance to union households experiencing financial hardship. Services include emergency financial assistance, food assistance, referrals, and advocacy. In addition to direct services, Working Partnerships provides workforce training and union job information, works to increase union member volunteerism in community activities, and encourages participation in non-partisan civic engagement.

Our Mission

Working Partnerships is dedicated to improving the lives of working families and promoting economic justice in Minneapolis and the West Metro area.

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AFL-CIO Community Service

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Working Partnerships

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Our History

The Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation, AFL-CIO and Greater Twin Cities United Way have long been partners in community service. In 2005 the decision was made to combine the direct community service work done in the union-affiliated United Way office with research and education in order to more efficiently partner with community groups to create systemic change.

Working Partnerships became a nonprofit entity in 2006 for the purpose of improving the lives of  working Minnesotans in Minneapolis and the West Metro area through labor-supported research, outreach, education, and services.

Our current programs include both the direct services that have been the hallmark of the AFL-CIO/United Way partnership with new strategies and collaborations with community groups to support successful community initiatives. The combination of meeting immediate needs, such as food and shelter, and working on long-term solutions through programs to support education and career acquisition allows us to address several facets of the same problems of economic justice.

Working Partnerships has made several community connections and learned of many unmet community needs through our direct services. Community/client feedback informs our outreach and education initiatives and directs our research in order to ensure that all of our services are responsive to the needs in the communities we serve.