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Minnesota AFL-CIO Hosts 2024 Trainings for Racial Justice, Organizing, Union Member Candidates

Minneapolis Labor Review
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SAINT PAUL — The Minnesota AFL-CIO has announced a series of training workshops for affiliated locals and their members for 2024.

The training sessions will include: Racial Justice and Solidarity, the AFL-CIO Organizing Institute, and the Union Member Candidate Program.

Racial Justice and Solidarity

This training session will be offered April 18-19 in Cloquet and June 5-6 in the metro area. 

AFL-CIO Organizing Institute

This training workshop will be offered May 1-3 at the offices of the Minnesota Nurses Association in Saint Paul.

Union Member Candidate Program

This training session, to be offered July 20-21 in Saint Paul, is aimed at union members who are thinking about running for local elected office or for the state legislature. Learn skills needed to plan, run and win a campaign.

The workshops are available to any local regardless of ability to pay.

For more information about the three 2024 workshops, or to inquire about customized training, contact the Minnesota AFL-CIO’s local training specialist, Robyn Gulley, at [email protected].