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2024 Endorsements

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Information for candidates seeking endorsement in 2024



Candidates endorsed by Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation, AFL-CIO


This list updated May 13, 2024

Hennepin County Board of Commissioners

District 6- Heather Edelson


This list updated July 11, 2024

Anoka County Board of Commissioners

District 5 - Mike Gamache 

District 6 - Julie Jeppson

District 7 - Mandy Meisner 

Brooklyn Park City Council 

Ward W - Tony McGarvey

Minneapolis School Board 

District 6 - Greta Callahan

Plymouth City Council 

Ward 1 - Kim Nelson

St. Francis City Council 

At Large - Crystal Kreklow


Candidates endorsed by Minnesota AFL-CIO

US Senate

Amy Klobuchar

US House of Representatives

District 1 - Rachel Bohman

District 2 - Angie Craig

District 3- Kelly Morrison

District 4- Betty McCollum

District 5 - Ilhan Omar 

District 8 - Jen Schultz 


Minnesota House of Representatives

(The list below includes endorsements for districts within the jurisdiction of the Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation. For the full list of Minnesota AFL-CIO endorsements for Minnesota House, visit

District 32B - Matt Norris

District 34A - Briane Raines

District 34B - Melissa Hortman

District 35A - Zack Stephenson

District 35B - Kari Rehrauer

District 36A - Janelle Calhoun

District 37B - Kristin Bahner

District 38B - Samantha Vang

District 39A - Erin Koegel

District 39B - Sandra Feist

District 42A - Ned Carroll

District 42B - Ginny Klevorn

District 43A - Cedrick Frazier

District 43B - Mike Freiberg

District 45A - Tracy Breazeale

District 45B - Patty Acomb

District 46A - Larry Kraft

District 46B - Cheryl Youakim

District 48B - Lucy Rehm

District 49B - Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn

District 50A - Julie Greene

District 50B - Steve Elkins

District 51A - Michael Howard

District 51B - Nathan Coulter

District 54A - Brad Tabke

District 55A- Jess Hanson

District 59A - Fue Lee

District 59B - Esther Agbaje

District 60A - Sydney Jordan

District 60B - Mohamud Noor

District 61B - Jamie Long

District 62B - Anquam Mahamoud

District 63A - Samantha Sencer-Mura

District 63B - Emma Greenman