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2020 Endorsements
Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation, AFL-CIO

This list last updated September 24, 2020


Anoka County Commissioner
District 1
John LeTourneau
District 2

Noel Lutsey
District 3
Nyle Zikmund
District 6
Cindy Hansen

Carver County Commissioner
District 3
Randy Maluchnik

Hennepin County Commissioner

District 1
De’Vonna Pittman
District 5
Debbie Goettel
District 6
Chris LaTondresse
District 7
Kevin Anderson

Brooklyn Center City Council
At Large (vote for 2)
Alfreda Daniels
Sizi Goyah

Brooklyn Park City Council
Ward C
Christian Eriksen
Ward E
Lisa Jacobson
Ward W
Susan Pha

Columbia Heights Mayor
Amada Marquez Simula

Columbus City Council
At Large
Rob Busch

Coon Rapids City Council
At Large
Christopher Geisler
Ward 1
Shalonda Shipp-Gordon
Ward 2

Kari Rehrauer

Crystal City Council
Ward 3
John Budziszewski
Ward 4

David Cummings

Edina City Council
At Large
Ukasha Dakane

Maple Grove City Council
At Large
Kristy Janigo

Ramsey City Council
At Large
Jeff Menth

Richfield City Council
Ward 1
Simon Trautmann
Ward 2
Sean Hayford Oleary
Ward 3
Ben Whalen

Robbinsdale City Council
Ward 1
Tyler Kline
Ward 2
Sheila Webb


Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose School Board
At Large
Amanda Lawrence

Minneapolis School Board
District 2
Kerry Jo Felder

District 4
Christa Mims

Osseo School Board
At Large
Tamara Grady
Jackie Mosqueda-Jones
Miamon Queeglay

Osseo School Board (Special Election)
At Large
Thomas Brooks

2020 Endorsements
Minnesota AFL-CIO


Minnesota House of Representatives

(Minneapolis area endorsements by the Minnesota AFL-CIO)

(For complete list of Minnesota AFL-CIO legislative endorsements, visit

District 20A Erina Prom
District 29A Renée Cardarelle
District 29B Joe Rosh
District 30B Brad Kovach
District 31A Brad Brown
District 33B Kelly Morrison
District 34A Brian Raines
District 34B Kristen Bahner
District 35A Mike Erickson
District 36A
Zack Stephenson
District 36B Melissa Hortman
District 37A Erin Koegel
District 37B Amir Malik
District 38A
Kris Fredrick
District 40A
Mike Nelson
District 40B Samantha Vang
District 41A
Connie Bernardy
District 41B
Sandra Feist
District 44A Ginny Klevorn
District 44B Patty Acomb
District 45A
Cedrick Frazier
District 45B
Mike Freiberg
District 46A Ryan Winkler
District 46B Cheryl Youakim
District 47B Daniel Kessler
District 48A Laurie Pryor
District 48B Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn
District 49A
Heather Edelson
District 49B
Steve Elkins
District 50A
Michael Howard
District 50B Andrew Carlson
District 55A Brad Tabke
District 56A Jessica Hanson
District 59A Fue Lee
District 59B Esther Agbaje
District 60A
Sydney Jordan
District 60B
Mohamud Noor
District 61A
Frank Hornstein
District 61B Jamie Long
District 62A
Hodan Hassan
District 62B Aisha Gomez
District 63A Jim Davnie
District 63B
Emma Greenman

Minnesota Senate

(Minneapolis area endorsements by the Minnesota AFL-CIO)

(For complete list of Minnesota AFL-CIO legislative endorsements, visit

District 18 Chad Tschimperle
District 29 Chris Brazelton
District 30 Diane Nguyen
District 33 Gretchen Piper
District 34 Bonnie Westlin
District 36 John Hoffman
District 37 Jerry Newton
District 38
Justin Stofferahn
District 40 Chris Eaton
District 41
Mary Kunesh-Podein
District 44 Ann Johnson Stewart
District 45
Ann Rest
District 46 Ron Latz
District 47 Addie Miller
District 48 Steve Cwodzinski
District 49
Melisa Franzen
District 50
Melisa Halvorson-Wiklund
District 55 Sahra Odowa
District 59 Bobby Joe Champion
District 60
Kari Dziedzic
District 61
Scott Dibble
District 62
Omar Fateh
District 63
Patricia Torres Ray



Endorsements by the national AFL-CIO:

President of the United States

Joe Biden

Endorsements by the Minnesota AFL-CIO:

U.S. Senator

Tina Smith

U.S. House of Representatives

1st District Dan Feehan
2nd District
Angie Craig
3rd District
Dean Phillips
4th District
Betty McCollum
5th District
Ilhan Omar
6th District Tawnja Zahradka
7th District
Collin Peterson


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