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Photo Essay: Page 2
Bricklayers, Laborers, 49ers assemble Cobalt project, piece by piece

February, 2006

Photo essay by Steve Share, Labor Review editor

Right: the Manitowoc 2250 crane lifts a floor plank into place. The Spancrete hollow core planks weigh 1,875-15,575 pounds and measure 5'10" to 49'2-1/2" in length.

Above: Communicating with the crane operator below via radio, members of Bricklayers Local 1 guide a massive precast concrete floor plank into place.

Below: Next, using levers, the workers wedge the floor planks into place. Grout will fill in the spaces between the planks. Another four inches of poured concrete then will go on top.

Left: Ron Schmid, a 12-year member of Bricklayers Local 1, is a foreman on the job site All the foremen are Bricklayers. "When you've got a crane swinging stuff you've got to be on your toes and pay attention," he said. "It's a lot of action." He added, "if everybody does their job, it goes quick."

As workers fit the precast concrete pieces together, Schmid said, "we're within 1/16 of an inch."

Above: Brian Johnsen, a member of Laborers Local 563, watched as a small crane lifted a colored exterior wall panel.

Below: Johnsen next guided the panel into place by hand. "We've got about 1-1/8 inches on both sides," he reported to the foreman.

Above: Aaron Hendryks, also member of Laborers Local 563, stands atop a ladder to guide the piece into place with a crowbar.
Mind those fingers!

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