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About the MRLF

The Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation is the umbrella organization of Minneapolis area local unions and includes 175 affiliated unions. Affiliated with the AFL-CIO, the Minneapolis RLF's mission is to organize in the community for social and economic justice for all working people.

The MRLF office is located at the Minneapolis United Labor Centre, Suite 542, 312 Central Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55414 (corner of Central Ave. and University Ave.). Phone: 612-379-4206. Fax: 612-379-1307.

Executive Board

Chelsie Glaubitz Gabiou, President

Louise Sundin, Executive Vice President

Dan McConnell, Financial Secretary-Treasurer

Pete Lindahl, First Vice President

Mike Zagaros, Second Vice President

Kelly Wilson, Register Clerk

Paul Mueller, Deputy Register Clerk

Joyce Carlson, Recording Secretary

Tommy Bellfield, Sgt.-at-Arms

Grace Baltich, Reading Clerk

Martin Goff, Kyle Makarios, Russ Scherber, Mary Turner, and Jigme Ugen, Trustees

Steve Buck and Carol Nieters, Judy Russell-Martin, At Large



Chelsie Glaubitz Gabiou, President
612-379-4206, ext. 101
Direct line: 612-321-5670

Casey Hudek, Campaigns Manager
612-379-4206, ext. 102
Direct line: 612-321-5671

Graeme Allen, Community & Political Organizer
612-379-4206, ext. 103
Direct line: 612-321-5672

Kerry Felder, Community & Education Organizer
612-379-4206, ext. 110
Direct line: 612-321-5669

Alfreda Daniels, Community Organizer
612-379-4206, ext. 105

Steve Share, Communications Director and Labor Review Editor
612-379-4206, ext. 104
Direct line: 612-379-4725 or 612-321-5673

Barb Boettcher, Office Manager
612-379-4206, ext. 100


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MRLF retiree groups

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Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
312 Central Ave., Suite 542, Minneapolis, MN 55414
Phone: 612-379-4206 Fax: 612-379-1307
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