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Photo Essay
Workers remove last pieces of Interstate 35W bridge from Mississippi River

September 29, 2007

Photo essay by Steve Share, Labor Review editor

Click here for accompanying news story.

Above: The skeletal remains of a segment of bridge on the west bank of the river.

Above: A crane lifts one of the last pieces of steel from the collapsed bridge. The crane is operating from a temporary causeway extending from the east bank of the river.

Above: Moments after the crane places a piece of salvaged steel on the causeway, National Transportation Safety Board inspectors move in for a close look.

Above: Suspended by a lift just a few feet above the fast-flowing river, a worker uses a torch to cut through a piece of twisted steel.

Above: A worker climbs onto a steel beam that lies partly on a barge, partly still in the river.

Right: A crane prepares to set a last giant piece of twisted steel fished from the river on a barge.

Left: A close-up view of the twisted steel, with inspectors from the National Transportation Safety Board awaiting their own look.


Right: After the crane sets the steel down in the barge, the NTSB inspectors climb aboard right away for a first look.

Above: Barges have been transporting the salvaged bridge pieces downstream, where the pieces have been unloaded and placed on the river flats.

Above: Pieces of the bridge lay on the river flats, observed from the Washington Avenue bridge.

Above: With the last piece of steel ready for transport downstream, the barges line up in the river.


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