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Labor 2020 Election Results

Early voting at Urban League

Minneapolis early voting center at the Urban League, 2100 Plymouth Ave. N. where voters waited in line to vote November 2.

Minnesota House:
MRLF helps to win three of five targeted House races

Adapted from the Minneapolis Labor Review, November 13, 2020

By Steve Share, Minneapolis Labor Review editor

MINNEAPOLIS —Statewide wins by the Biden-Harris presidential ticket and U.S. Senator Tina Smith did not help DFL-endorsed and labor-endorsed candidates win gains in the number of Minnesota House of Representatives seats. Exactly the opposite happened: the DFL lost seats in the Minnesota House.

The DFL currently holds a House majority of 75 seats compared to 59 seats for the Republicans.

With an apparent gain of six seats for the Republicans, the new make-up of the Minnesota House looks like it will be 69 DFLers and 65 Republicans, according to preliminary election results available when the Labor Review went to press November 9.

The Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation, AFL-CIO had targeted five Minnesota House races, helping to win three of the five races.

In House District 34B, which includes Maple Grove and Osseo, first-term incumbent Kristin Bahner won re-election running with AFL-CIO and DFL endorsement. She defeated Republican challenger Dori Trossen by a vote of 15,337-13,227.

Over Bahner’s two sessions in the Minnesota House, she earned a voting score of 96 percent from the Minnesota AFL-CIO.

In House District 36A in Champlin and Coon Rapids, first-term incumbent Zack Stephenson also won re-election running with AFL-CIO and DFL endorsement. He defeated Republican challenger Bill Maresh by a vote of 12,419-11,741.

Over Stephenson’s two sessions in the Minnesota House, he earned a voting score of 100 percent from the Minnesota AFL-CIO.

In House District 56A in Savage and Burnsville, first-term DFL incumbent Hunter Cantrell chose not to run for re-election.

Jess Hanson ran with AFL-CIO and DFL endorsement and won the seat.
She defeated Republican Pam Myhra by a vote of 13,156-12,301.

Kristin Bahner

Jess Hanson

Kristin Bahner Jess Hanson

In House District 37B in Blaine, AFL-CIO and DFL-endorsed Amir Malik lost in his second attempt to unseat Republican incumbent Nolan West.

Two years ago, Malik came within 137 votes of beating West.

This year, however, West increased the vote spread and defeated Malik 14,328-12,982, a margin of 1,346 votes.

West has a lifetime voting score of 20 percent from the Minnesota AFL-CIO on working family issues.

A pick-up for the Republicans came in House District 55A, which includes Shakopee as well as Jackson Township and Louisville Township. First-term incumbent Brad Tabke, running with AFL-CIO and DFL endorsement, lost his re-election bid.

The race was a rematch — of sorts.Two years ago, Tabke defeated Republican Erik Mortensen 8,984-8,382 — a margin of 602 votes. This year, Mortensen defeated Tabke by 10,923-10,364 — a margin of 559 votes.

But this year’s race also included a third party candidate, Ryan Martin, who won 1,705 votes running as a Legalize Marijuana Now candidate. The MinnPost.com news website described Martin as a candidate with “tenuous connections” to the marijuana legalization movement and “a history of GOP activism.”

Tabke had earned a 100 percent AFL-CIO voting score.

Altogether, 32 of the 43 Minnesota House candidates with AFL-CIO endorsement running in the MRLF’s seven-county region won election.


Greta Callahan, president of Minneapolis Federation of Teachers

Greta Callahan, president of the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers, spoke at a DFL election eve rally which MFT hosted outdoors in its parking lot.



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