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Addie Miller:

‘A daughter of Carver County’

From the Minneapolis Labor Review, August 21, 2020

By Steve Share, Minneapolis Labor Review editor

WATERTOWN — “I have my ear to the ground on local issues that matter,” Addie Miller tells the Labor Review. “I am a daughter of Carver County,” she declares on her campaign website.

Miller is running for Senate District 47 in Carver County, endorsed by the Minnesota AFL-CIO and the DFL Party.

The one-term Republican incumbent chose not to run for re-election, so the race is for an open seat.

If elected, “I can hit the ground running,” Miller says. She’s a first-time candidate for public office but she has worked at the Minnesota House of Representatives as committee administrator and legislative staffer. In those roles, “I got to see how the sausage is made,” she says. Unfortunately, “I see a lot of partisan bickering and nonsense… and not actually following through and doing the job,” she says.

On the positive side, “I’ve built a lot of strong relationships,” Miller adds. “I’ll know who to go to when I need an expert opinion.”

The legislature needs more common sense, Miller says, “so we can have a bonding bill at the end of the session and meaningful reforms.”

“I first started to pay attention more to politics in 2016,” Miller relates. Home for a visit, she happened to see her mom’s $20,000 health care bill. “I was shocked at that. I decided to get involved.”

Miller says health care reform would be her number one priority at the legislature, expanding Minnesota Care and enabling the state to negotiate prices with care-providers.

Funding public education would be another top priority she says, so local districts need rely less on school levies. With the recent failure of a local levy, “our kids really are being robbed of opportunities,” she fears.

Miller grew up in a union family. Her father was a member of the Laborers’ union in Indiana. “I come from a family of educators,” she reports. “All of my teacher relatives are members of their unions.”

Growing up in Victoria, Miller attended Jonathan Elementary, Chaska Middle School, and Chaska High School. In 2013, she earned a law degree from William Mitchell College of Law.




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