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Amir Malik

Amir Malik:

After 153 vote loss, running again

Adapted from the Minneapolis Labor Review, August 21, 2020

By Steve Share, Minneapolis Labor Review editor

BLAINE — Two years ago, Amir Malik surprised most observers — and even his own campaign — by coming just 153 votes short of defeating the incumbent and winning election to the District 37B seat in the Minnesota House.

Malik is making another run to defeat Republican Nolan West.

Malik is endorsed by the Minnesota AFL-CIO and DFL Party.

In 2019, two-term incumbent West earned a voting score of only 17 percent from the Minnesota AFL-CIO — voting in support of working families just two times out of the 18 votes tracked.

“He just doesn’t seem to get anything done for Blaine,” Malik commented.

In talking with voters this year, Malik reported, “people feel a lot more anxious than they did two years ago. We have a number of people in Blaine who either have been laid off or had their hours cut.” And, due to that loss of work, some folks also have lost their health insurance.

“That is really illogical — that because of a disease you would lose your healthcare,” Malik said. “I believe everybody should be able to buy in to Minnesota Care,” he said. “It’s a good program. It’s already established.”

Malik said district residents want to see improvements to Highway 65, known for terrible congestion and accidents. His own daughter recently was rear-ended. “Nothing has been done to make Highway 65 better,” he said. “It’s a nightmare of a road… It’s caused a lot of problems and our leadership hasn’t done anything to fix it.”

“That’s one issue that unites people across party lines in Blaine,” Malik added.

“We have to be investing in our roads instead of making everything political and partisan… That’s what happened with the bonding bill this year,” he noted. “Blaine is very pro-infrastructure. We’re not seeing that from our leadership.”

“I think what Blaine is looking for is coming together as a community, building a better future for Minnesotans, and rewarding hard work,” Malik said.

Malik is a member of AFSCME Local 9 and works as a wage theft investigator for the City of Minneapolis.


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