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Bloomington City Council, District 1:
Dwayne Lowman: ‘We are at a crossroads’

Dwayne Lowman

From the Minneapols Labor Review, October 25, 2019

By Steve Share, Minneapolis Labor Review editor

BLOOMINGTON —“We’re all in this together,” says Dwayne Lowman. “I go to everybody who votes and knock on their doors… They know I’m listening.” Lowman is running for a third term for the District I seat on the Bloomington City Council — his third race with AFL-CIO endorsement.

“We are at kind of a crossroads,” Lowman says of Bloomington. The city, he says, is not just another suburb. “We’re a major force from an economic standpoint.”

Lowman wants Bloomington to be “a community of choice,” adding, “I don’t know if young folks today can come back and live in this community… It’s not a place you can choose to live if you can’t afford to pay the rent.”

He sees two priorities: “bring good-paying jobs to Bloomington” and “make sure there is an affordable place to live.”

Lowman grew up in Bloomington and graduated from Kennedy High School.

His first job was a union job, bagging groceries at Byerly’s as a UFCW member. He also is a former member of the Communications Workers of America. He currently works as a senior operational analyst for Assurant.

Website: dwaynealowman.com


Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
2019 Bloomington Endorsements

Bloomington Mayor
Tim Busse

Bloomington City Council

At Large
Jenna Carter

District I
Dwayne Lowman

District II
Shawn Nelson

Bloomington School Board
(vote for three)

At Large
Nelly Korman
John Moravec
Mia Olson

Map of Bloomington City Council districts

Click here for larger version of this map

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