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Ginny Klevorn

Ginny Klevorn:

‘How can we make life better?’

From the Minneapolis Labor Review, October 26, 2018

By Steve Share, Minneapolis Labor Review editor

PLYMOUTH — Ginny Klevorn is making a second run for Minnesota House District 44A in Plymouth. She’s again running with endorsement from the AFL-CIO and DFL Party.

Six-term Republican incumbent Sarah Anderson has earned a low lifetime AFL-CIO voting record of only nine percent.

Democrat Hillary Clinton, however, won the district with 52.8 percent of the vote.

Weighing a second run, Klevorn began organizing “listening sessions” in every precinct in the district beginning in December 2017, inviting Democrats, Republicans, independents.

“What I learned  is people want government that is truthful,” she says. She adds: “they want you to do the job.”

“I’m interested in being a public servant; I’m not interested in being a politician,” Klevorn says. “For me, it’s about sitting down with people, hearing their stories, and saying, ‘okay, what can we do to make this situation better? How can we make life better for the people of Minnesota?”

Klevorn has been knocking lots of doors and hearing lots of stories. Foremost, she’s hearing people are fearful that repeal of the Affordable Care Act will mean that people with preexisting conditions won’t be covered for needed care. “Nobody was talking about health care like this in 2016,” she says.

“It’s a different feeling this  year,” Klevorn says. “People who kicked me off their porch [two years ago] are talking to me this year.”

Klevorn grew up in a union household in Texas and learned powerful lessons about the difference that union wages, health care, and pensions made for her parents’ lives.

“We are fighting for democracy, whether it’s in the workplace through collective bargaining… or state and federal government,” Klevorn says. “To union people, I really want them to know I understand and value collective bargaining… Unions are a necessary part of our democracy.”

Klevorn has lived in Plymouth since 2002 and is professional mediator.

Website: ginnyklevorn.com

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