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Minneapolis City Council
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John Quincy:
ve advanced the Working Families Agenda’

From the Minneapolis Labor Review, October 27, 2017

By Steve Share, editor, Minneapolis Labor Review

MINNEAPOLIS — “We’ve really advanced the Working Families Agenda,” says John Quincy. “We have a goal of being ‘One Minneapolis’ and putting equity at the forefront of our decision-making and where we’re going to be putting key investments.”

Quincy is running for a third term representing Ward 11 on the Minneapolis city council. Ward 11 lies  roughly in-between Crosstown Highway and Minnehaha Creek and includes the Diamond Lake, Hale, Keewaydin, Page, Northrop, Tangletown, Wenonah, and Windom neighborhoods.

Quincy is endorsed by the Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation, AFL-CIO.

Quincy has served as the DFL majority leader on the city council and also serves as chair of the Ways and Means Committee.

‘We have a goal of being ‘One Minneapolis’ and putting equity at the forefront of our decision-making and where we’re going to be putting key investments.’

Photo of John Quincy

“My vision for Minneapolis is to be a city where disparities are nonexistent and all people have opportunities for success,” Quincy says. “We’ve changed the way the city is addressing the disparities we’re all aware of and we’re making investments in those areas.”

“Part of our strategy to that end is advancing the Working Families Agenda including sick and safe time and minimum wage,” he says.

In addition, Quincy notes, “City of Minneapolis employees —they are the face of Minneapolis. We’ve set ambitious goals for hiring more people of color, more women employees —across all departments.”

Like his colleagues, Quincy also points to last year’s infrastructure partnership with the park board as a major accomplishment. “The streets and neighborhood parks long-term investment strategy was a huge win for our infrastructure investment in the long term, for the next 20 years.”

“We really need to recognize the tremendous growth we’ve had in the city,” Quincy says. The city’s population is growing. People are moving to Minneapolis for opportunity. “It’s the sign of a healthy city,” he says.

And, by his count, “at the conclusion of this year, we’ll have six consecutive years of $1 billion-plus in development.”

“That supports our population growth as well as our thriving small business economy, which is important,” he says.

The challenge for the city, Quincy emphasizes: “How do we make sure that everybody participates in that economy and that growth?” And, he adds, “we need to increase investment but not to the point of gentrification.”

“Minneapolis is always going to lead on our values,” Quincy says. “Because we’re in a secure financial situation, we’re able to respond and address the threat of a changed political climate.”

For the Minneapolis city council, Quincy says, “our role is elevated in importance because of the lack of leadership at the federal and state levels.”
The city passing its own minimum wage policy is one example, he notes. “We were going to have to do that on our own.”

Quincy knows what’s happened where 36 states have adopted laws preempting progressive policies set by local government. Depending on the results of the 2018 state election, he warns, “Minnesota could be on a track to become a Wisconsin.”

“We are a progressive council and we are advancing the agenda,” Quincy says.

To labor union members, he affirms: “we have shared values and we have shared goals.”





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