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In Minneapolis, call city council incumbents won
AFL-CIO endorsement

From the Minneapolis Labor Review, October 27, 2017

By Steve Share, editor, Minneapolis Labor Review

MINNEAPOLIS — The 2017 election will be remembered as a local election year when several Minneapolis city council incumbents faced spirited challenges from the left. Voters will determine the outcome November 7.

The Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation — which awards the AFL-CIO endorsement — has endorsed all 11 of the city council incumbents who are running for re-election. (See list of endorsed candidates).

In Ward 3 and Ward 8, incumbents did not seek re-election. The MRLF screened candidates and awarded the AFL-CIO endorsement to Steve Fletcher in Ward 3 and Andrea Jenkins in Ward 8.

In many ways, the current Minneapolis city council members — as a group — constitute the most progressive, labor-friendly city council in memory.

This is the city council that enacted a local $15 minimum wage.

This is the city council that passed a local sick and safe time ordinance.

And this is a city council that is poised to next take up local ordinances cracking down on wage theft.

“As a team, they have changed the course of history for workers in Minneapolis,” MRLF president Chelsie Glaubitz Gabiou comments in her column on page 2 of this issue of the Labor Review.

This is also a city council that has led the city while development activity has surpassed $1 billion per year for several years running.

Read candidate profiles of several of the incumbent candidates featured in this issue of the Labor Review and you also will learn that they share a commitment to addressing the city’s persistent racial inequities so that all residents can share in the city’s prosperity and build a future.

“We are a progressive council and we are advancing the agenda,” says John Quincy, the Ward 11 incumbent and the city council’s DFL majority leader.

The MRLF’s long relationships with city council incumbents, Gabiou notes, also tipped the scales in favor of winning AFL-CIO endorsement.

She adds, “we know the most important task ahead of us, whoever wins, is coming together for a statewide movement in 2018.”

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