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Labor Review Centennial, 1907-2007

Reprinted from the Minneapolis Labor Review, November 7, 1930

As the returns continue to come in with every indication that the majority of Floyd B. Olson, Farmer-Labor candidate for governor, will be swelled to beyond 100,000 and with strong indications of the election of Henry Ahrens, Farmer-Labor candidate for lieutenant governor, there is rejoicing throughout the farming sections of the state, in the mines, and mills and factories, and on the railroads.

This Farmer-Labor triumph marks the successful culmination of nearly 15 years of effort under the Farmer-Labor banner to wrest the control of the state government from the reactionary, nonunion forces that have so long dominated it.

While some names are written large in the story of this achievement, it is in these hours of victory that tribute should be paid to those who never achieve fame or notice, whose names are never in the electric lights but who work unobserved through the years untiringly and unceasingly for the Farmer-Labor cause.

It is to them the triumph is in most part due. To those who have kept educating and working and carrying on and refusing to be discouraged in the face of defeat after defeat.

In this Farmer-Labor victory there is glory enough for all. For those who fought in the limelight and those who struggled in the obscurity of factories and farms.

And from this triumph the greatest achievement will be the knitting together of the Farmer-Labor forces as they never have been before for further progressive advances.

There is Farmer-Labor victory today because there is a Farmer-Labor party and within it a Farmer-Labor Association that keeps educating and pushing on.


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