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Labor Review Centennial, 1907-2007

Reprinted from the Minneapolis Labor Review, September 26, 1930

The Citizens Alliance has opened another bitter, but underground attack against your paper, the Minneapolis Labor Review.

It is sending out letters to advertisers urging them not to patronize the columns of the Minneapolis Labor Review because it declares that the funds from the Review go to make conditions better for workers, or, as the letter bluntly declares, “strengthen the lines of the closed shop.”

In addition to fighting for better wages and conditions for those who toil, your paper has carried on an incessant struggle against branch banks and unfair chain stores.

When the Alliance attempts to undermine your paper it strikes not only at you, but at the independent business concerns of the city, and carries on as it always has, the battle in favor of branch banks and chain stores.

In the letter attacking the Minneapolis Labor Review the Citizens Alliance makes plain its intention to do everything possible to wreck everything and everybody who attempts to make Minneapolis a better city…

It is reliably reported that the Alliance is deeply incensed because your paper has been able to show it up as a double-crosser, hypocrite and looter of the workers.

Your paper will continue this policy regardless of all the letters the Alliance can write and mail, but your paper will need the support of every one of the thousands of owners and readers of the paper.

When you make purchases be sure to make them of advertisers in the Minneapolis Labor Review and request union service and union label products.

Through your paper, Minneapolis Labor Review, you have been able to deal the Citizens Alliance a smashing blow. It is howling with rage. It fears the publicity that only this paper publishes regarding it.

Keep your official organ strong and powerful by patronizing those who patronize your paper.

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