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July 25-29, 2005


Photo essay by Steve Share, Minneapolis Labor Review editor

(This page under construction)

Right: John Sweeney,
re-elected president of the AFL-CIO. "We are moving forward… We have set a bold and ambitious course for the future."

Left: Richard Trumka,
re-elected as AFL-CIO's secretary-treasurer, speaks at a press briefing. "The AFL-CIO is really making some historical changes here this week."

Left: Linda Chavez-Thompson, re-elected as AFL-CIO's executive vice-president. "No less than 15 positions on the executive council will be women and minorities, showing the new face of the labor movement… We will ensure and enhance gender and racial diversity."

Above: AFL-CIO president John Sweeney introduces members and staff of Working America, a new initiative recruiting individuals as community affiliates of the AFL-CIO in six cities across the country to work on issue advocacy campaigns and electoral efforts.

Left: Rev. Jesse Jackon, Sr. stirred delegates with a call to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq. "We fought to bring down a dictator," he said. "We should not occupy Iraq nor remain in themiddle of a civil and religious war." The convention later passed a resolution expressing support for the troops and directing the Bush administration to "bring them home rapidly.

Above: delegates cheer and wave signs as Sweeney, Trumka and Chavez-Thompson are re-elected without opposition.

Above: by the time the covention adjourned at 12 noon July 29, empty tables showed that many delegates already had begun to leave.

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